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When the first of the seven cervical vertebrae, also known as the atlas or C1, is not in its usual position in relation to the skull, it is called an atlas malposition.

The atlas vertebra may be twisted, displaced laterally, or blocked in a position too far forward or backward. This misalignment can affect the second cervical vertebra, the axis, and cause a number of reactions that could have negative effects on the entire musculoskeletal system. The highest recorded angle of rotation of this vertebra is 8 degrees.

An atlas misalignment is different from ordinary muscle tension or joint blockage of the cervical spine as considered in osteopathy, and cannot be corrected simply by manipulation or standard massage.


Not like that, please!

Not like that either!


A sudden impulse, as in chiropractic treatment, is not sufficient to effectively adjust the atlas. Moreover, this approach is often considered risky and potentially harmful!


In atlas therapy, mechanical vibration pressure is applied very precisely to specific points in the area below the occiput. This targeted pressure, intense enough, slowly stretches the muscles surrounding the atlas. This pressure also counteracts the tensions of the ligaments that hold the vertebra in position, allowing it to gradually return to its optimal position.

Gentle redemption!

Relax with the gentle vibrating massage!

By the way, the name of the first cervical vertebra, Atlas, actually has mythical roots. In Greek mythology, the Titan Atlas was given the punishment of carrying the vault of heaven on his shoulders to keep heaven and earth separated. This image was metaphorically adopted for the Atlas vertebra, as it plays a central role in supporting and sustaining the skull – symbolically the vault of heaven. It is fascinating how such cultural and historical references find their way into scientific and medical terminology.

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“Do you have a crooked nose?” This question may seem unusual at first glance. But it serves a simple test to determine if your atlas is misaligned. A photo taken from above can show if your nose is in a direct line with your sternum. If it deviates to the side, this could be a sign of atlas misalignment.

The term “atlas correction” describes the manual therapy treatment of functional disorders in the area of the upper cervical joints and the lower cervical spine. The focus here is on the mobilization and manipulation of the first cervical vertebra, the atlas, when it is malpositioned, displaced or blocked.

Atlas therapy usually consists of only one treatment. This begins with determining whether a correction is necessary at all. This is followed by an intensive massage using the “Libro” vibration device. The vibro-resonance releases muscle tension, which facilitates the subsequent correction.

Once the atlas is repositioned correctly, we have achieved our goal and your back is back in its natural alignment. After 8 weeks, we check again to make sure everything has adjusted ideally.

Many people perceive treatments on the cervical spine as risky. It is important to emphasize that the potential risk lies mainly in the chiropractic manipulation called thrust.

Atlas therapy relies on an entirely new approach that is completely safe. It is fundamentally different from chiropractic and osteopathic techniques and cannot be compared to any other therapy you may already know. No sudden twisting of the neck is used, nor is traction or pressure applied to the cervical spine.

While conventional manipulations of the cervical vertebrae must be performed regularly, our atlas therapy focuses on a one-time treatment with lasting effects.

An atlas therapy costs 250€ and is done in only one session 60–120 minutes.

After continuous medication against Meniere’s disease and severe back pain. I heard about the atlas correction with Markus Gaal, so I got on the plane and went to Gran Canaria for a few days. The day before yesterday I had my treatment. Markus Gaal explained everything in detail and started with the treatment. What can I say, my dizziness is almost gone, tinitus is hardly noticeable and my back is fine. Many thanks to Markus. I am so happy. So dear sufferers, let’s go!

More than 15 years of experience in physiotherapy and massage enable us to help you. Because of our many years of knowledge, we are even more convinced of the Atlas Therapy. Finally we have a possibility to help our patients in the long term with only one treatment.

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