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During my stay in Gran Canaria, I met Marc, who helped me get back on my feet after a complicated operation. In the meantime, I was pleased to see that after atlas correction and physiotherapy with Marc, my migraines also improved significantly and I was able to reduce the prophylactic medication considerably. I was a patient of Marc’s for over two months and had a very good experience. Marc has a special feeling for his patients’ suffering that goes beyond his professional competence and the therapy measures that can be learned. Although the treatment – deep massage, fascia, etc. – is not always painless, it does help. – is not always painless, but it helps. So fellow sufferers, hang in there, it’s worth it. Kind regards, Paula
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After continuous medication against Meniere’s disease and severe back pain. I heard about the atlas correction with Markus Gaal, so I got on the plane and went to Gran Canaria for a few days. The day before yesterday I had my treatment. Markus Gaal explained everything in detail and started with the treatment. What can I say, my dizziness is almost gone, tinitus is hardly noticeable and my back is fine. Many thanks to Markus. I am so happy. So dear sufferers, let’s go!
First of all, thank you Markus, very professional work. I met Markus a few months ago and we have told about our professions. In the background I always thought about my cervical spine and the possibility of an atlas correction to get rid of the pain. As a nurse in intensive care, I already had some complaints after 45 years. I then decided to have this treatment done after I had also informed myself a little, because Markus did not lift a finger without first informing me exactly what happened and why. He was right, already a few days after his treatment of deep massage and correction of the atlas, correction of my posture I feel much better. I can bend over again and sit at the PC for hours and work without having to constantly change the sitting position. Thank you Markus, only recommend your work.
Hello Markus, now 2 weeks have passed since I was with you. I wanted to take this time to be able to report. I have been plagued by dizziness, cardiac arrhythmias, headaches sometimes more sometimes less and hardly able to cope with the dizziness for over 4 years. 2 HWS OP, many many hospital stays, doctor visits.…. I was more bad than good. But now it is the other way around, I have many more good days than bad. Came to you to straighten the atlas, no one but no one took me as seriously as you. I have never had a treatment of this kind. With so much effort, expense and time. I could still list so much here.… I can only recommend to get involved in your treatment method, Because in my opinion you know what you are doing. I know my body sorts itself new after your treatment, that notices also already my environment that it goes to me much better. I am looking forward to the next appointment, in the hope that I will feel even better. Dear Markus, thank you very much.
After our move and a small surfing accident, I suffered 2 weeks of severe back pain… the first week I could not alone on toilet or dress myself… then I was slowly able to go to the masseur and also to the physiotherapist… unfortunately, this only cost me money and brought no improvement… then Markus came to mind. I was lucky and got right on it 4 hours after calling .… Markus treatments are more trained and professional than the ones I have known so far… after visiting Markus I felt much better and now 3 days later all the pain is blown away… thank you Markus!
After a trivial bicycle fall many years ago, a CMD developed in me. The misalignment process continued downward. The whole body statics changed. Neither dentists, osteopaths, chiropractors, specific exercises, swimming or new mattresses brought improvement. Then I heard of the ATLAS CORRECTION! OK! Last try! IT GOES UP !!!!! I know it will be a long process to solve the body compensations, but I feel already now, after 5 weeks positive changes in gait and posture!!! My dentist supports the process. My soul laughs again .….…. Thank you Markus

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