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Many complaints have the cause in a body malposition.

A misalignment of the atlas vertebra can shift the center of gravity of the head, which causes permanent misloading of the spine. This can lead to herniated discs, back pain and lumbago, which in turn puts continuous stress on the entire body.

This can result in muscle tension, shortening and adhesions that affect ligaments, tendons and fascia. These lead to further permanent misalignment, tightness and irritation signals in the body and its systems.

Additionally, poor posture can promote osteoarthritis and soft tissue rheumatism.

So close to being free of complaints!

The Libero®

With our specially developed Libero® massage device, we combine the techniques of shock wave therapy, resonance massage, mobilization massage and trigger point massage. This allows us to relax muscles, ligaments, tendons and fasciae down to their deeper layers. The device reaches places that cannot be reached with a conventional hand massage.

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2d and 3d posture analysis
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We solve the most stubborn tensions, bottlenecks and blockages in the shortest possible time

Tension? We reach every depth.

Do you constantly feel tense, drained and restricted in your movements? Then our MF‑T® deep massage could be just right for you.

It is an intensive massage technique that penetrates deep into the muscle tissue. In just a few sessions, even the most severe tension, trigger points or blockages can be permanently relieved.

In ideal cases, we need only one session to eliminate the tensions. In more challenging cases, 4–5 sessions might be necessary – rarely more. For optimal results, if multiple sessions are needed, we recommend scheduling them weekly.

A 60-minute deep massage provides results comparable to four traditional massage sessions. Take the first step toward wellness and book now.


For the Atlas-C1 Technology® method, please note the following:

The method is NOT used during an existing pregnancy. There is a risk that the atlas correction may cause reactions in the body that could burden a pregnancy.

There is no conventional medical diagnosis. This method does not focus on specific complaints or disease patterns and is not a medical therapy. The goal is to support the body’s self-regulation through atlas correction and body alignment.

The Atlas-C1 Technology® method does NOT replace medical treatments or diagnostic procedures. In case of health problems or uncertainties, please always consult a doctor.

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